So you’ve got your pages all set up how you want, and you’re ready to start using this thing. Chances are, you have already secured a unique domain name for yourself that helps put an individual stamp on your business. Using a built in dynamic feature called Domain Mapping, we give you the ability to create custom links and pages use your own custom domain as the foundation!

For an example, check out We custom mapped a domain for Danny and Diane McDaniel – on the surface, it’s their domain, but it’s actually using MyChampionPage service for the whole thing….the home page, and all other pages created in the account are “mapped” to the custom domain.

If you need to pick a domain, here’s some suggestions in picking a good one. Remember to remain in compliance with AdvoCare policy and procedures as well.

  1. Be concise. Don’t have a super long domain, like That’s too hard for people to remember, and tough to share on the fly.
  2. Action words are muy bueno. Using verbs like “Order” “Start” “Change”  help tell people that they’re being called to action on your website
  3. Target your domain around the focus of your site. Keep in mind having a domain that can be multi-purpose will help you leverage both business opportunity OR products
  4. Pick a domain that will create curiosity. If you put your site name on your car sticker, you want it to grab people’s attention in traffic with looking “weird”. A tough line to balance sometimes, but it’s possible!

Head to or, or any other domain provider to see what’s available. You can type in things as you think of them and they will show their availability.

Once you purchase your domain, or if you already have a domain on your own, go ahead and submit a support ticket in your admin area and we will set it up for you!

About Daniel Hannon

Daniel Hannon is the unthwarted co-founder and master code-craftsman behind MyChampionPage. If you took a peek inside Daniel’s head, you’d see continuous streams of Matrix-esque green code raining onto his brain. He has mastered 12 programming languages and if you can dream it, he can code it. For a decade he worked at an International non-profit, where his greatest achievements were in Online Marketing and Web Development. For the past 2 years he has been the Senior Web Developer for AdvoCare's Top Earners Danny & Diane McDaniel. Daniel and his wife have been married for nearly 8 years and have 3 beautiful girls with more on the way. He enjoys studying Einstein's theories and long romantic walks to El Paseo for chips and hot sauce!


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