Have you ever bought a new car, or a “new to you car” that was a pretty big upgrade from your last ride? Remember those first few days, trying to figure out all the new features and capabilities that you were really excited about but weren’t quite used to yet?

Sometimes MyChampionPage can feel like that upgrade, so we wanted to take a minute today to to cover a couple huge features: emailing your prospects, and tracking the emails using the Email Statistics dashboard.

By now, you’ve probably built some sweet pages and you are getting excited about all the possibilities with using this platform. So…how do you get the word out? First of all, know that this is best shared in conjunction with a verbal message. People can’t hear the passion in your voice behind a simple email, so you’ll want to use this sharing part as a supplement to your story.

Let’s walk through a real world scenario of what I would do while out and about in the marketplace, in conjunction with my 30 second story:

I’m at the grocery store, grabbing some essentials for the week. Coming down the aisle towards me is a young fit couple, with some chicken breast, bagged spinach, and 6 dozen eggs in their basket. I see the guy is completely ripped, a monster of a guy. As he walks past, I make eye contact and jokingly say “Bro, so do you even workout or…?” 

He laughs, and we start talking briefly about the obscene amount of eggs in his cart, which leads the conversation to good nutrition. I ask if he takes any supplements, and he says no. Turns out he’s a newlywed, working on becoming a personal trainer, and is looking for something he can recommend to future clients because he’s always being asked if he takes anything. I tell him my 30 second story about AdvoCare, and he shows interest. “We gotta get these groceries home, but can you send me some information?”

“sure thing man!” He gives me his email and then …

…it’s up to me to create a page geared towards him, and share it. So once I get the page built how I want (watch our page builder videos for in depth look at how to do that), I’m ready to send it out.

As far as sharing goes, you’ll notice a couple different options here. First off, in your Dashboard, you can click the Email Prospect tab on the left and begin building your message. Add the email address and name you’re sending to (your account email is pre-populated – change this in your Advanced section),  and type your message. Within the message, click the LINK button to insert a page, or another trackable link. You can select from the pages you’ve already built by clicking “or link to existing content“. Then you’re ready to send, and the entire behavior of that email can be tracked in the Email Statistics section – right under the Email Prospect tab in the dashboard. We’ll get back to that in a second.

The other way to send pages is pretty simple as well, and the result is the same. First make sure you’re logged in to your account, then go to the page you wish to share. When you’re viewing that page, notice the black share bar at the bottom. You can use that bar to share on social media, but in my example above, I would click the Email button and customize the message, just like in the first method:

”Hey this is Luke from the store earlier, and here’s the link I said I would send…let me know if you have any questions after you take a look, I’ll follow up later and see if you like what you see!” 

My message would include the link to the page I built for him, which would enable the tracking for link clicks.

Now the fun is just beginning, and I’ve turned in to a shark that just had a sniff of blood in the water…

Too much?

Seriously though, we’ve got a really cool feature here called Email Statistics. This allows me to see all the emails I’ve sent using the built in sharing – I can see if it was successfully delivered, when it was opened, how many times it was opened, if was clicked,and even how many times it was clicked! This gives me a really good gauge of knowing how interested or eager my prospect is, and allows me to follow up accordingly.

Here’s a huge note: You can add any link for tracking – it doesn’t have to be a MyChampionPage link. For example, you could send someone directly to the “Sign Up As A Distributor” page on your microsite, and be able to track everything that happens with that link as it pertains to your email. So moving forward, you can use this section to manage all emails to prospects, or even team members, and have a live record of who’s reading your emails and clicking your links…great way to stay connected, track progress, and have relevant follow up conversations.

We’re pretty sure this will change the game in your prospecting and emailing! Hopefully this has been helpful for you, and as always, reach out to us if we can answer any questions personally or more in depth.

Daniel and Luke

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About Luke Gajary

Luke Gajary is the swag-tastic co-founder / user experience designer and video wizard for MyChampionPage. Luke loves bringing the world to life on screen and swears he was born with a video camera as an appendage. For nearly a decade, he's been instrumental in helping non-profits lift their graphics and video presence to the next stratosphere...and for the past 3 years has been working for AdvoCare's Top Earners Danny & Diane McDaniel as their Senior Designer and Videographer. Luke has been married for almost 4 years and his wife recently gave birth to their first baby girl. He loves traveling, meeting people, and reading. On cold rainy days he can be found at the bowling alley just because he likes the shoes.


  • advoempower says:

    I noticed that you are using the Mail chimp api.
    Do you also have any automation functionality set up? Automated follow-up/confirmations? If not, is there a way to integrate to my existing mail chimp account?

    • Daniel Hannon says:

      We did have this functionality in place but we found out from AdvoCare Legal that they don’t allow distributors to collect leads and store them in 3rd party software. This is in the policies and procedures documentation from AdvoCare so we removed it in order to stay in good standing with AdvoCare Legal. The way a lead works is, when someone clicks on the Contact Me button it directs them to your AdvoCare microsite form, once they fill that out it goes through the AdvoCare system and they kick you out an email with the details. Hope that helps!

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