So you’re into the details huh…


Quick Start Overview

Ready to get started right away? This video will quickly give you an overview of how to get up an running fast.


Tour of the Dashboard

We'll give you a quick run-down of the left sidebar icons - what they do and where to find certain features.


Inviting Team To Platform

If you’re loving the platform, we’ve created an easy way to share it with your friends and team members. Here’s a brief walkthrough on how to share the love.



Presentations are a powerful and simple to use tool to add an extra layer in to your recruiting. Here’s how to fully leverage them within your MyChampionPage install!


Page Types Overview

Here we'll go over the different type of page that's available, and view various scenarios where different pages would be used.


Page Content Overview

A beautiful page is only as good as the content it contains. This is your guide to putting all the best information in your page, like products, videos, and lead capture information.


Page Design Overview

Whether you’re a creative person or not, this is the most fun step. Learn all the ins and outs of how to design your page and take an in depth look at fonts, colors, and textures on your pages.


Social Settings

It's easy to connect your social media accounts so that you can build connections beyond My Champion Page. Learn how to set your social accounts up both in the account level, and for individual pages.


Viewing a Page

When you're logged in, your view of the page is a little different compared to what prospects see. Learn the difference here.


Working with Menus

Connecting your Pages together with menus is a really cool way to bring it all together for your prospect. Learn how to create Menus and also how to add Menus to your Pages.


Email Prospect & Tracking

By now, you’ve probably built some sweet pages and you are getting excited about all the possibilities with using this platform. So…how do you get the word out? Here is how!


What is my Inbox?

What’s the purpose for the inbox, and why is it beneficial to know about? Let’s take a look.


YouTube vs Vimeo Videos

One of these things is not like the other...take 2 minutes and learn the difference between embedding YouTube videos and Vimeo videos.


Viewing My Google Analytics

Let’s face it: some of us love details & data! Your account includes powerful analytics tools - take a look at how to view and use the data to your advantage.


Domain Mapping Request

Forwarding a domain is great, but take it a step further. We’ll explain in a simple way how you can submit a dedicated support ticket to fully utilize your own dynamic custom domain.


Advanced Settings

If you’ve created a really incredible page that you want to showcase on the home page of your domain, why shouldn’t you? Learn how to assign any of your pages to the home page, as well as changing your site title and account email address.


Manage Account Status

It's simple to access your subscription and billing information - take a look as we walk you through it here.


Fixing Missing Videos

The wonderful world of online videos...sometimes links change, which affects your videos. Here's how to fix it!