AdvoCare does an amazing job of keeping all their content current and fresh, but sometimes that means that videos are changed…which changes the links on your MyChampionPage.

If you’re experiencing broken video links, we shot a quick video to explain why this is happening, and show how to update and fix these videos yourself.


^^ Click the video link to watch our 2 minute update, and remember…we’re just a support ticket away if you need extra help.

To Your Success,
Daniel & Luke

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About Luke Gajary

Luke Gajary is the swag-tastic co-founder / user experience designer and video wizard for MyChampionPage. Luke loves bringing the world to life on screen and swears he was born with a video camera as an appendage. For nearly a decade, he's been instrumental in helping non-profits lift their graphics and video presence to the next stratosphere...and for the past 3 years has been working for AdvoCare's Top Earners Danny & Diane McDaniel as their Senior Designer and Videographer. Luke has been married for almost 4 years and his wife recently gave birth to their first baby girl. He loves traveling, meeting people, and reading. On cold rainy days he can be found at the bowling alley just because he likes the shoes.

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