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Unlimited Pages

When you sign up for MyChampionPage, you’re not just getting one landing page – you’re getting a powerful system that will allow you to build as many pages as you want! You can vary styles, themes, and content to create unique landing pages that are styled and arranged just how you need them. The amount of pages you can have is only limited by the amount of pages you need!

Custom Domains Mapping

Chances are, you have secured a unique domain name for yourself that helps put an individual stamp on your business. Not only can you forward your domain from your registrar, we’ve taken it a step further using a built in dynamic feature called Domain Mapping. This gives you the ability to create custom links and pages use your own custom domain as the foundation! Simply open up a support ticket once you have your account and we take care of the rest.

Powerful Theming Engine

Every distributorship is completely unique and different – so why should your landing pages all look the same? You decide whether to tweak every possible option, or just make a few clicks and have a great looking page out of the box. Fonts, colors, layouts, and thousands of possible background combinations ensure that your pages are as dynamic as you are.

Every Available Product

MyChampionPage makes it easier than ever to showcase world class products. With just a few clicks, you control specifics – which products and how many to advertise! We stay current with the product line and you’ll experience all the products being fully in sync with your microsite, even when new products are released.

Microsite Links

It just works…plain and simple. When you sign up for MyChampionPage, you’ll be prompted to create your profile and fill out a few details- your photo, bio, and distributor ID. When you enter it in one time, it’s linked to your account for good, and every product link, sign up button, or shopping links are linked directly to your microsite without you having to worry about your prospects ordering from the right place!

Email Prospect & Tracking

More than just a great web page builder, MyChampionPage has a powerful emailing tool built right in. You can easily send out any of your pages to prospects, and get active updates via email when you get any interaction to those pages! Following up with recruits has never been simpler, and bringing your business more exposure in the marketplace using email is a snap.

Multiple Page Templates

With our extensive backgrounds in online marketing and web development, we’ve taken proven landing page layouts and built them in to MyChampionPage. You have control of certain positioning, layouts, and type of page you’re creating – and the thinking has already been done for you!

Mobile First

A platform’s ease of use on a mobile device isn’t just a good idea – it’s crucial! MyChampionPage was developed with a “Mobile First” mindset from the very beginning. A mobile first approach doesn’t just concentrate on developing for mobile phones, it is also used to develop better usability of sites, develop better use of Web real estate and better reduce the amount unnecessary elements from pages.

Google Analytics

You need to see how your marketing pages are performing on all digital platforms… so we have Google Analytics baked right in to your Admin Dashboard, ready to help. Whatever your business goals, you’ll find powerful insights into which pages really drive visits and other actions from your users. You’ll be able to see what pages and layouts are most popular, and craft your message to be as effective as possible to your audience.

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No Coding Experience Necessary to Use MyChampionPage!

We have created an easy to use and powerful administrator tool that does all the hard work for you. Have the beautiful online presence you’ve been dreaming of – Sign up Today!

Customizable Page Types

Embed Any Video

All Products & Bundles

Powerful Theming Engine

Unlimited Menu Sets

Prospect Emailing

Google Analytics

And so much more!

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Simple and Affordable Pricing Structure!

When you get your MyChampionPage, you get unrestricted access to everything this one-of-a-kind platform offers. You can build an UNLIMITED amount of pages, so you can customize an experience for each type of prospect or situation you encounter.

Choose the plan that works for you!

Annual SubscriptionGet 2 months a year free!

$ 250

Per Year
  • Get 2 Months FREE
  • Easy 3-Step Page Builder
  • Powerful Theming Engine
  • Everything Links Back to Your Microsite
  • Fully Responsive – Works on any Device
  • Includes all Hosting (Save $100s!)
  • Works with Custom Domains too!
  • Email Prospect Tracking
  • FREE Future Platform Improvements
  • World Class Support

Monthly Subscription

$ 25

Per Month
  • Easy 3-Step Page Builder
  • Powerful Theming Engine
  • Everything Links Back to Your Microsite
  • Fully Responsive – Works on any Device
  • Includes all Hosting (Save $100s!)
  • Works with Custom Domains too!
  • Email Prospect Tracking
  • FREE Future Platform Improvements
  • World Class Support

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Why pay thousands of dollars and not have control of your content?

We’ve created the only web platform that is specifically designed to give Independent Distributors the ability to create web pages quickly and easily by combining any available products with any supporting videos from YouTube or Vimeo and get those out to their prospects FAST! The power is in your hands, you no longer have to be a genius web developer to harness the power of the web for your business!

Considered the playing field officially leveled…

So Who Are We Anyway…

Well we’re just a couple of guys (some could say nerds) who love the AdvoCare products and community, and also enjoy pushing the boundaries of technology!

One day we had an idea that we believed would be a valuable resource to the entire team of distributors. We hadn’t seen anything like it done before, so we decided lets give this thing a go. We’ve worked together on projects for years, but to us, this was much more than just another project.

9 months, many 3a.m. bedtimes, and several gallons of hot sauce later, MyChampionPage made its entrance in to the world. We hope you get as much out of using it as we did creating it!

Daniel Hannon

Daniel Hannon

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Daniel Hannon is the unthwarted co-founder and master code-craftsman behind MyChampionPage.

If you took a peek inside Daniel’s head, you’d see continuous streams of Matrix-esque green code raining onto his brain.

He has mastered 12 programming languages and if you can dream it, he can code it.

Luke Gajary

Luke Gajary

UX Designer & Co-Founder

Luke Gajary is the swag-tastic co-founder / user experience designer and video wizard for MyChampionPage.

He’s worked with Daniel for several years and states that their relationship is like Pinky and the Brain. And he dares you to guess who’s who.

Luke loves bringing the world to life on screen and swears he was born with a video camera as an appendage.

Interesting Facts

Cans of Spark
Lines of Code
Gallons of Hot Sauce
Hours of Development
Arm Wrestling Matches
Ways to Customize MyChampionPage


Got A Few Questions?

Q: Is MyChampionPage produced by the AdvoCare Corporate staff (AdvoCare International)?

A: No – MyChampionPage is a service managed and operated as an independent third party company – created and owned by Daniel Hannon and Luke Gajary (see our about section for more on us). It is available for use by all distributors as an optional tool.

Q: I’m scared of technology. Is this hard to set up?

A: Shhh, shhhh….settle down now, you’re safe here. We built this thing with you in mind! It’s powerful enough for advanced “techies” to customize to their specific liking…yet simple enough that Grandma could use it. No offense, Grandma. By default, every account has a beautiful pre-set page design that is visually stunning and features popular products…right from the start. The only tampering necessary would be adding your Distributor ID so that the shopping cart is tied to your acount….boom!

Q: Are there different subscription levels, like Standard, Premium, Deluxe, ect?

A: No. We’re not talking about gasoline here, we’re talking about an elite and powerful web tool unlike anything you’ve ever seen! A paid subscription unlocks all the professional level and magical features that make MyChampionPage amazing …all at once! No multiple pricing tiers, so you’ll never have to worry about missing out on any functions, design elements, or themes. Plus, you’ll automatically get updates and new themes as fast as our development monkeys can crank them out.

Q: Can I change my username after I sign up?

A: No! Your username is PERMANENTLY attached to your account. The only way to change it would be to delete the account and start all over. However, you can change your site domain, as long as it has not been spoken for by another user. For example, if your username was JohnG but you wanted your domain to read, as long as that domain is available, you could have it. You would retain the username JohnG to log in, but your public pages would appear with the new chosen domain.

Q: In order to be compliant to business Policies and Procedures (“Protect This House”), do I need to submit my page to the Legal Department?

A: We appreciate your willingness to stay in good standing as a distributor, but no, that is not necessary! Since the content only links directly back to your microsite, you’re ready to rock and roll! This platform is an optional third party tool. As always, as an Independent distributor, you are personally responsible for reviewing policies and procedures and keeping your account in good standing.

Q: Is there a free trial period?

A: Yes! If you’re like us, you don’t buy a pair of shoes or a shirt without trying it on first, or purchase a new car without doing research and test driving. Why shouldn’t you have that same opportunity with your MyChampionPage? You’ll get 72 hours to “try on” your account – for free. You can set up pages, ask questions, and give the whole thing a proper test drive. After the trial period ends, you will be prompted to either let your account expire, or finish the secure checkout and become a paid subscriber – with full access.

Q: When will I be charged?

A: If you subscribe while you are still in your 3 day trial period you will be charged as soon as your trial period is over. If you subscribe after your trial period has ended you will be charged immediately. After that you will be charged either monthly or annually depending on your subscription choice. Pretty simple right?

Q: Is my Credit Card information SAFE!?!?

A: We take this issue very seriously at MyChampionPage and we haven’t cut any corners with keeping your information safe. Your My Account area is protected with a SSL Certificate so your entire subscription management process is 100% secure. We also don’t store any credit card information with MyChampionPage, in fact we can’t even access your credit cards. They are stored securely with Stripe our online merchant account provider. Stripe is a world class online credit card processing service and is used by some of the top online platforms in the world. They are 100% secure and fully PCI compliant.

Our world would be a much simpler place if all internet browsers were exactly the same.

Bad News: That’s not the case.

Good News: With MyChampionPage, it doesn’t matter!

Both the page builder admin area AND the finished pages behave and look the same no matter which desktop browser you’re using. Building your page in Firefox but sending the finished link to someone who’s using Internet Explorer? No problem..what you see is what they’ll get. Same with Chrome and Safari!

Yeah…we’re cool like that!

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World Class Support

So maybe you’re not tech savvy – that’s the whole reason you’re here. It’s a simple, easy to use, customizable platform that doesn’t require a lot of tech know how…great for anyone! But even the best of us can get stumped sometimes, so every MCP account includes unlimited access to world class technical support to answer any and all of your questions or snags. Using a fully featured support dashboard, not only will you be guided every step of the way with crystal clear tutorial videos and FAQ’s, you get quick access and fast responses from our dedicated support team.

Contact Us!

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form. We will get back to you within a few hours.